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In today’s world as much as people are worried about losing weight, as people suffer more in obesity, people give more attention and importance towards losing weight, but gaining weight is as important as losing weight. Those who are skinny and thin are also worried about their weight and want to gain weight. Many people are so thin that they look so skinny and some are thin like a skeleton, sometimes they feel very low and hate themselves. Many people do a lot to gain weight but still, nothing happens.

Being underweight is not a disease, just by changing your lifestyle and eating habits, everything is cured. But there are some people, even after doing a lot, they do not get any change in weight. Perhaps they should seek the advice of a doctor because some people do not gain weight due to many diseases.

Simple ways to gain weight
It’s a common thinking of people if we eat too much food, ghee, and oily food then we can easily gain weight, but it’s a myth, not exactly a myth sometimes it works or sometimes not. But this is not the proper healthy way to gain weight. If you want to gain weight then that should be in a healthy way. When you are healthy and fit you look pretty and smart but when you just gain weight and cholesterol by eating such junk food that destroys your smartness.

Sometimes people are so desperate that they forget and go on the wrong way like eating junk food, drinking, eating non-veg every day, don’t do exercises, that somewhere gradually affects your health and the main cause of heart attack. So try to avoid some instant tips for weight gain so don’t believe in the instant result as it cause unhappiness or harmful for your health. so try to work hard and get a permanent healthy result.

Causes of Underweight
May I have any disease?
Any pills you are taking during your period or abortion
Unhealthy diet
Mental Illness
Excessive Exercise
Loss of appetite
Drinking Alcohol




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