How to Deploy Microsoft Teams

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Pointers on How to Deploy Microsoft Teams to its Best

More than half of the World has already been overtaken by Microsoft Teams and the rest is planning to Migrate to Teams. But how to make sure that you deploy Microsoft Teams in the best way possible?

The popularity of Microsoft365 and Microsoft Teams is ever-emerging. Precisely planning how to deploy Microsoft Teams is now a professional necessity.

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s most powerful yet super flexible offering. It plays a catalyst to power up your business collaboration and remote workforce efficiency. MS Teams is gradually going ahead to offer all the features from major collaboration apps like Skype for Business and Slack, thus this proves to be the correct reason as well as the perfect opportunity to adapt to it. In such a situation, along with keeping a track of the best practices for Teams Migration, the IT teams need a good understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Teams as well.

How to Deploy Microsoft Teams Efficiently

Once you decide to go for Teams to Teams, SharePoint to Teams, or Slack to Teams Migration, it is essential to have background knowledge of the best practices of how to deploy Microsoft Teams efficiently.

Microsoft Teams is more of an all-in-one collaboration platform instead of a single precise app. It not only lets you use its inbuilt features but allows external integrations as well. Likewise, it is more complex as compared to just a mere app. It is easy to use but might be confusing for first-timers as well.

Therefore, it is wise to deploy Teams and help your employees get used to it before the final Teams migration. Here are a few tips for a Successful Microsoft Teams deployment-

Evaluate Your Organization’s Technical Readiness

Before adopting anything new, ensuring technical readiness is necessary. Your IT team must be aware of the security concerns as well as requirements at the organizational level. You need to make sure that switching to MS Teams will not cost you your precious business time or employee efficiency.

If you are already using Microsoft 365 or Office 365, adopting Microsoft Teams will be quite smooth. If you have other collaboration tools, make sure you are ready to bridge the gap between them.

Plan out the Teams and Channels in Advance

Before you migrate to Microsoft Teams, chalk out a plan in accordance with your departmental requirements.

The major chat-groups and channels that would be required as per departmental or ProjectWise criteria should be readily available. Determine the purpose of each channel in advance so that overcrowding or irrelevance of topics in a group or channel can be avoided. Establishing the ownership, roles, and permissions right from the beginning is a great idea as well.

Plan the Security Well

Security is always the top priority. Teams itself is well equipped with various security features but going the extra mile on our part is not a bad idea either. Make sure you readily know all about security, compliance, and legal policies before the deployment. Grant the permissions wisely and enjoy uninterrupted business communication security.

Provide Adoption Support, if needed

While Change is inevitable, it might be difficult for some to adapt to it. Along with the Teams migration, it is also important to make people believe that they will not lose their efficiency on this new platform. A lot of internal support campaigns can be planned. You can explain the benefits Microsoft Teams deployment will bring to them as well as to their organizational goals. Additionally, your IT team can offer training and troubleshooting services for the initial phase. This will make the switching process exceptionally smooth and hassle-free.

Ensure relaxed implementation

Once you deploy Microsoft Teams, let people take their time. Do not delete all other collaboration apps immediately. Just insist your employees go for a Teams call instead of a Skype meeting or simply skip emails for a day. As the users start interacting with the alluring features of Teams, they will automatically increase its usage.

Just deploy MS Teams, give them sufficient time to adapt, and then think of deleting your old collaboration platform. If planned properly, deploying Teams is not daunting enough.

If these points are considered, Microsoft Teams deployment is sure to yield the expected outcomes. Take up the first step and enjoy the numerous advantages that Microsoft Teams readily offers.
Plan a Successful Upgrade to Microsoft Teams

Adopting a digital workplace solution goes beyond a global crisis. As we have all witnessed the huge popularity of Microsoft Teams in the past few months of isolation, it will be considered a wise decision if an organization decides to Upgrade to Microsoft Teams for a better Digital workplace experience.





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