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When people frequently ask questions about their roofs in the Nashville TN or outlying areas, they often have many questions. What are the signs that a roof is in disrepair? And if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, what is the best course of action to take? Exploring the most common roofing questions can help you anticipate some of the issues you may face as a homeowner.

1. How will I Know If My Roof Needs Work?
Although a professional inspection by an actual roofing company is the best way to identify roof issues, you can look for certain signs. Evidence of any sort of deterioration should not be ignored. Cupped or curled shingles, for example, should be repaired or replaced to prevent leaking or pest infestation. If you see tiles or shingles that are loosened, buckling, or missing, this is another indication of disrepair. Another thing to look for is roof flashing that has been dislocated. Some (or even all) of these signs doesn’t mean you need a roof replacement. It may only need some TLC. Hiring a Nashville Roofing Company who performs maintenance calls would give you the most accurate diagnostic. We also recommend hiring a Nashville Roofing Company to clean out your gutters annually and doing a roof inspection each winter. Having good preventative maintenance routine is very important.
2. Can A Roof Leak Be Repaired Or Will I Need My Roof Replaced?
A leaky roof does not necessarily need to be replaced. A skilled roofing technician can find and fix the problem permanently and still give your roof the curb appeal it needs for the rest of its life expectancy. We have seen roofs in terrible condition but not having any real problems. Newer roofs (under five years old) might leak in multiple places, although we have not encountered any situation where we had to replace the roof just to repair a roof leak.
3. How Long Can I Expect My Roof to Last With The Crazy Weather We Get In Nashville?
A roof’s longevity has much to do with the type of materials used. Typically, a rubber roof lasts about 30 years, and a shingled roof about 15 to 25 years, while a tile roof should last up to 50 years. These are the most commonly used materials in the Nashville area. However, some homeowners have synthetic shake or real wood shake, western cedar. These can also last 50 years. Roof maintenance will extend the life of your roof to reach or exceed the manufacturer's life expectations. There are a lot of other factors involved as well: perhaps your home sits in the direct sunlight all day, or is under a tree and you have a lot of organic growth. Roofs are like anything else: if you don’t take care of it, it won’t last as long.
4. Should I Try to Repair My Roof Myself?
While many homeowners attempt to work on their roofs themselves, this really isn’t advisable. Only skilled roofers should be trusted with your roof. Qualified, properly trained roofers have the knowledge to perform such repairs efficiently, and have access to the right tools and safety gear for the job. Also, most roof shingle manufacturers warranty their product for the duration of the life expectancy, and making a repair yourself could void out the warranty. Purchasing roofing products to make a failed roof repair would only cost more money in the future. You can call us for advice at anytime. We can even look at pictures you send us, if applicable, and pretty much tell you what is wrong and offer a ballpark price.
5. What Should I Look for in a Roofer?
We recommend checking reviews. Listen to what past customers are saying. Look at photos of their past jobs. Not everyone claiming to be a roofer is a roofer. Consider reliability: is the roofing company responsive to your calls, texts, and emails? Licensing and insurance is also very important. Accidents happen and they always will. Your home is one of your greatest investments, and if something goes wrong you will want a roofer who is insured. Most insurance policies cover up to one million in loss on a claim. It wouldn’t be fair to you if something happened and they didn’t have a way to make it right.
6. The Wind Blew Off Some Of My Shingles. Can Those Be Fixed?
Yes, it can be fixed in most situations, although you might want to file a storm-damage claim. Most of the time you will see shingles missing after a straight line wind hitting the roof and breaking the seal. Shingles will lay back down flat, but then flop up and down over time until the tile breaks off. You might see one missing shingle, but the entire area could be loose and not noticeable. Most insurance companies will replace your roof for a wind-damage claim. Some people don’t want to get insurance involved, and have life left on their roof. We will actually go up with a leaf blower and lightly blow the roof, and then seal down or refasten all the wind-damaged shingles.

How long will it take you to replace my roof?

Our average for roof replacement for a medium-sized home is 6 hours, although during the hot season a roof replacement could take up to 10. During the hottest part of the day, just walking across the roof will damage the new roof shingles. Larger homes take up to 16 hours. Either way, we get in and get off someone's property as quickly as possible.

What is the difference between a Roofer and a Roofing Maintenance Technician?

A Roofer installs roofs, while a Roofing Maintenance Technician makes roof repairs. In the roofing industry there are different types of roofing material made for different types of roofs, both flat and steep roofs. Some Roofers only install asphalt roof shingles on lower-sloped roofs. Some do both steep and low-sloped roofs. It is according to the Roofer as to what he or she can do. Some Roofers may fear getting on anything with a pitch, and only work on flat roofs like rubber, TPO, or roll. Each Roofer has a preference, although may do mostly new roof installations. Not all Roofers know how to install rubber or asphalt shingle roofs, and may only be good with one specific material. Roofing Maintenance Techs know how to install all types of roofs. They understand how each roof is installed and have many years of experience in roof repairs. Roof repair is a technician's skill. They can identify and fix a roof leak quickly and cost efficiently, while a Roofer might not know how to fix the problem unless it is obvious.




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