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High quality leading manufacturer of electric appliances
Submitted 165 day(s) ago

Microntech engineers are the best leading manufacturer of adjustable clutch electric screwdrivers for fastening applications is assembly lineskilews dealers in India

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Vintage Watch Resources | Identify, Collect, Discuss
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Vintage Watch Resources has been created to assist collectors, owners and enthusiasts of vintage wrist watches in identifying and authenticating watches.


Time Zone converter, Distance Calculator
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Time difference between countries. Air distance in miles and kilometers with flight duration time between cities.


Church and Turret Clock Repair | Clock Autowinders | Regulators | Strike Control
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Richard White Clocks specialists in Church Clock autowinders, regulation of Turret and Church Clocks. and automatic strike control.

  • autowinders
  • strike control
  • church clocks
  • turret clocks
  • clock repair

New Earth Time ... 360 degrees of internet time
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

New Earth Time is a proposed global standard or Internet time which divides the global day into 360 degrees.

  • New Earth Time
  • global standard
  • internet time zone
  • 360 degrees
  • alternative

Tick Talk » A mechanical watchmaker in a digital world
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

A mechanical watchmaker in a digital world


The Human Clock™:
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

A picture and video clock of someone holding the current time up for all 1,440 minutes in a day

  • time
  • video clock
  • clock human
  • picture
  • tandy 100 webserver
  • photo

Horology - The Index
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Horology - The Index is your gateway to all aspects of clocks, watches, timekeeping, and the science of horology

  • National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
  • horology
  • timekeeping
  • clockmaking
  • watchmaking
  • wristwatch
  • clock
  • wrist-watch
  • horologist
  • clock repair
  • watch repair
  • What is horology

David Knight Watchmaker - Sculptural Pocket Watches
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

David Knight is a watchmaker who specialises in the creation of unique & highly artistic sculptural pocket watches.


SEO Expert | DC Foundation • Blog SEO untuk Wordpress dan Blogger
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Blog SEO untuk Wordpress dan Blogger


Super simple time zone converter
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Find when to have a meeting with another time zone by simply converting times between time zones with a click


World Clock - Local Time, World Time, Time Zone & Weather.
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

The World Clock shows current local time, date, world time & weather in cities and countries across the world. Find the time around the globe with our world clock, time zone map, time zone converter and ..


The Time Now: What Time Is It
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Find out current local time in any time zone of the world with our world clock. Reliable tool for when traveling or calling abroad with local time and weather.


World Clock and Time Converter - Savvy Time
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Current time in any city, country or time zone. Time conversion between multiple locations worldwide.


Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Easy epoch/Unix timestamp converter for computer programmers. Includes epoch explanation and conversion syntax in various programming languages.

  • epoch
  • unix
  • timestamp
  • time
  • january 1 1970
  • posix
  • convert
  • conversion
  • converter
  • calculator
  • calendar

Time Converter and World Clock - Conversion at a Glance - Pick best time to schedule conference calls, webinars, online meetings and phone calls.
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

Effortless time conversion and world time. Schedule conference calls, webinars & online meetings, plan travel and track flight arrival time across time zones.

Info - exakte Zeit, für jegliche Zeitzone
Submitted 183 day(s) ago

7 Millionen Orte, 46 Sprachen, synchronisiert mithilfe einer Atomuhr.


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